Spy Dreams relaunch

Trying once more to relaunch this podcast and do it on a regular basis.  For all my fans and others interested in the type of stories I write.

{lugging things

Random thoughts on the books and promotion of the books.

Shades of grey

Some discussion of PC, nuance and writing philosophy.  also some background on my Lee Thomas series

Rebooting this thing

Welcome to my latest version of the Spy Dreams podcast.  This is sort of a reboot.  I am going to try and release something new at least every couple of week. Mainly in introduction to me and my books

Why I Write

Why do I write?  A bit of an explanation on why writers write.

license to kill?

Just a short general discussion of some stuff associated with the job of secret agent

Opening Lines

how do you get their attention?  Opening lines!

Spy Dreams Podcast #3

Long overdue episode #3 of the Spy Dreams Podcast.  I hope you like it and I will try and do something every week or two.

Spy Dreams Podcast 2

Spy Dreams Podcast Episode 2: My writing philosophy and other stuff

Spy Dreams Podcast 1

The first edition of the "Spy Dreams" podcast.  Just a bit of background and some introduction

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